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Roof of Cabin

Heavy wooden joists topped with tongue and grooved strand board providesanexcellent surface to use a Butyl single membrane roofing system. This is manufactured and guaranteed by firestone. All of our operatives have been fully trained and are certified in the use of the product. Within the joist cavities we stuff yet more closed cell solid insulation board. The underside of the roof can be finished with plasterboard, timber cladding or wet roof.

Doors and Windows:
We have a couple of different suppliers depending on your requirements. We can install patio, bifold or composite doors, all of which are double glazed. Doors and windows even come in a variety of colour options.

Walls external:
On the outside of the structural panel we fit batons to allow air to circulate the structural panel, this allows any moisture that’s been created within the room to dissipate. On to these batons we fit your external cladding, this can be horizontal or vertical timber cladding; or Cedral, a multi-colour option cement board or finished hardwood timber. We are also happy to look at other options maybe incorporating something that you have seen elsewhere.

Walls internal:
On the inside of the structural panel we fit service batons.This allows a space for us to run hidden cables for any electrical, optical or sound equipment you choose to install. On the batons, we offer a choice of plaster and plasterboard, wood cladding or wet wall.

These can be as complicated as you choose. Our highly experienced electrician will come along after your room is complete to make all the connections. He will then issue a completion certificate for the installation. Electrical options include lights internal and external, sockets internal and external, cat 5 network cable speaker cables etc.

Decorating and Flooring:
We are happy to do this for you and will be guided by your colour choices. Flooring could be Vinyl click, carpet, engineered wood or a simple laminate. Deck or patio on the outside area can be included in the install to allow greater use of your new room. We also suggest adding on a bin cupboard, in order to hide away any unsightly wheelie bins. A wood store is also a great option andprovides a storage location that will keep your wood dry and ready for your next fire.


Almost 30% of the UK’s population now working from home, our garden rooms are the perfect stress free, easy to access addition to any business.

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