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Efficiency and Timescale

At Richard Cree Ltd, we place great importance on efficiency and our ability to deliver on our promises. We always endeavour to work within the timescales and meet deadlines. During the planning stage, we will outline a schedule and a proposed timeline for construction and completion.

Occasionally though, the weather can turn against us and become dangerous to our workforce, thus impacting on our plans. Assessing risk is crucial to us in our work, and we won’t take any unnecessary steps that could potentially damage our equipment, staff, or leave our customers with a sub-par product.

Interior finish

Fully customisable, all our Garden Rooms are finished to the highest standards with a flawless appearance. As standard, our Garden Rooms will be finished with plasterboard and can be painted or skimmed if required.

Exterior finish

Finished with pre-treated timber claddingfrom a range of sustainable species, each Garden Room will have a life expectancy of approximately 20 years.


Expertly insulated to ensure year-round usability, free from condensation, even in the most bitterly cold days of winter.


Our Garden Rooms are built in separate components and later assembled on site. This method of working vastly improves the speed of assembly.

Should we ever have to postpone building work, you can rest assured that during this time we will leave the project as clean and tidy as possible while providing maximum access to make things as easy as possible for you.

We always endeavour to provide 100% commitment from quote to completion.


Almost 30% of the UK’s population now working from home, our garden rooms are the perfect stress free, easy to access addition to any business.

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