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Large and airy, needs planning permission, high ceilings (bedroom/bathroom)


With the option to include bathroom and kitchen facilities, the Birch is the perfect option if you’re looking to create an additional living space within the grounds of your property. This would allow any guests to sleep outside of the main home, saving your toes being stepped on and giving them their own personal space to enjoy. The Birch would allow your children to have their friends over for sleepovers without you having to endure the noise of overexuberant house guests all night.

Clad in vertical wood and featuring higher ceilings than our other Garden Rooms, the Birch is an attractive and practical alternative to our oak cabin. During the conception process Birch can be designed to include both bathroom and kitchen facilities and a sleeping area allowing you to maximise its use. Despite being a larger installation, planning permission is unlikely to be required.


  • You have a garden with lots of spare room.
  • You feel an additional living space is required
  • Double glazing & added insulation for year-round use
  • Great place for kids looking for a bit more freedom
  • You’re considering using your property as an Airbnb


Almost 30% of the UK’s population now working from home, our garden rooms are the perfect stress free, easy to access addition to any business.

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