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Richard Cree Design

Welcome to our versatile range of exquisite Garden Rooms; we’re sure there will be a style to suit your tastes and requirements. Each Garden Home is handcrafted by skilled and experienced professionals and can be designed or altered specifically for your requirements. Whether you’re restrained by budget or space to build on, we can work around these issues and create something unique for you.

Each Garden Room is designed to meet and exceed current building regulations and is clad in Cedral cement board or larch. Built to stand the test of time, there’s a 20-year guarantee on the durable Butyl roof of each Garden Home. Superior insulation techniques ensure each construction will remain usable year-round, even in the harshest of winter conditions.

Richard Cree Ltd are proud to serve the entirety of Scotland, so whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to escape the bustling sub-urban life of Glasgow, or an extra outbuilding to relax in on your farm in The Highlands, we have you covered!


Large and airy, needs planning permission, high ceilings (bedroom/bathroom)


Simplicity, affordable, compact fits snugly into its surroundings.


Architecturally inspired, modern exterior lighting, glass wall


Old fashioned yet modern with a stylish contemporary finish, bring the outside inside, includes a sheltered deck.